Wednesday, July 17, 2013


While we were in New Mexico recently, we took a day trip to Taos, my favorite little New Mexican town.  While there I made a great purchase of a piece of fabric art by artist Mary K. Lyon.  I had seen her work in 2011 when in Taos at the Las Comadres Gallery but didn’t have the extra cash at that time to buy anything.  Las Comadres is a women owned co-op gallery.

Because I couldn't get a good photograph I had to scan it on my printer.  It is still a little blurry but much better than the photo.

fab art_0003

The frame is 8” X 8”, but the block is only 5” X 5” featuring intricately folded then sewn batik fabrics.  Those folds are TINY!   I’m so glad I now own one of her pieces of fabric art.

Also, while we were in Old Town Albuquerque, I found this darling cat t-shirt that had to come home with me.  The semi-native American markings and the color really caught my eye. 

2013-06-27 14.40.17

He seems, however, to have the same grouchy expression in his face that my cat usually does.

ranger close up (1)
a red Signature
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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  1. Thank you for the link to the Las Comadres Gallery. Thank you as well for all of the photos. It would be hard to pass up an adorable grouchy cat t-shirt like that one. It seems like almost all cats have the ability to make that disinterested, or almost pretentious, look.

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