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The Sookie Stackhouse Reread Book 13 Dead Ever After Charlaine Harris

Just finished reading book #13, the last of the Sookie Stackhouse novels written by Charlaine Harris.  The ending wasn’t much of a surprise if one pais attention to the details of the previous books in the latter part of the series, but I won’t spoil the outcome for you if you plan to read it.  The graphic inside the cover is so cute:

The following is the recent review I did for C&T Publishing on Simply Retro.  You can see some of the quilts featured in the book by clicking HERE for its Amazon page.

Bigger blocks are better says author Camille Roskelley usually 12” X 12” but she has one that is a 30” square single block as a baby quilt. She uses larger, more modern prints but all the patterns would look great in 1930’s or 19th century reproductions or almost any prints you can find in the quilt shop.
Additionally, Camille defines current Moda Fabrics’ terms for fabric pre-cuts such as charm squares, layer cakes, and jelly rolls for those of us not aware of their distinction and uses. Doesn’t that make you hungry? Then you have fat quarters. (Lame humor, sorry!)

Traditional blocks used in her quilts include the Churn Dash, album block, Pinwheels, Jacob’s Ladder, and an Eight Pointed Star, but with more lively, modern fabric. There are several quilts that have blocks that showcase big prints such as in “Sweet Life” or “Framed”. Or if you prefer, you can build easy houses for “Dwell”, using her clever, easy way to add the chimney on the roof.
Near the back of the book contains a large section on Quilting Basics for the beginner, including hand or machine quilting methods so “quilt as desired” is not so intimidating.
Her designs are great for the young and the not so young quilters alike. Although I’m more of an intermediate level quilter, I found several patterns that caught my interest.

That’s all for now.  In the meantime, may your bobbin always be full.
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