Tuesday, July 23, 2013


This issue of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting magazine has several great, eye-catching patterns.  I love the quilt on the cover.

However, this quilt designed by Liz Porter called “Colonial Medallion” really shouted out to me – you need to make this one!  Bet you didn’t know magazine articles could shout out!

Hewson Panel Quilt Fons & Porter

I have tons of stash fabric to make the scrappy stars, flying geese, half-square triangles, etc. but didn’t have the center medallion.  When it was first issued by Andover Fabrics back in 2011 (I think) I wanted to buy one but decided against it because I didn’t know what to make with it.  So after searching the internet I found the panel on sale at ReproductionFabrics.com   Ta-Dah!!

Hewson Panel

It is so pretty.  When I checked back for it today on their website I didn’t find this panel so they may have sold out due to the pattern in the July-August Love of Quilting magazine.  If you want one you should just give them a call to be sure.  Only one thing bugs me though.  The background of the panel is too white.  I would like to dull it down just a slight bit so that it does scream out WHITE at me.  (Now I'm making fabric "scream."  I'll probably tea dye it gradually until I get to the right shade of light beige.  What do you think?

ecru lace divider

For those of you who are not vegetarians, have you ever eaten a main meal of all garden fresh vegetables? We seldom go meatless but Sweetie and I did last week.  Corn on the cob, green beans, boiled squash and vine ripe tomatoes all served on my dear Grandma’s vintage magnolia plates.

Garden dinner

It was heavenly.  These veggies came from the garden of Sweetie’s father.  Unfortunately, the corn and squash have played out.  The tomatoes are on their last legs, as are the green beans.  The recent three days of rain may stimulate some more production though so we will just wait and see.

Until next time, may your bobbins always be full.
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  1. Veggies from the garden are just different from store veggies. Only had tomatoes this year.... but it is time to plant the fall garden!!!

  2. Congratulations on finding that panel!
    If you're not happy with the background color then my vote is to tea dye it. I've had success in the past with liquid RIT in Tan very diluted. (ust make sure your fabric is completely saturated before soaking in the dye solution)

    Yes, that veggie plate looks delicious!
    What a healthy and delicious treat!

  3. I know what you mean about those shouting magazine articles.
    This is a good one!
    I think the RMQM has lots of Hewson in stock. Your quilt will be fabulous.
    We have one meatless meal a week, yours looks yummy.

  4. I can relate to those shouting articles too, more from Fons & Porter (for me) than any other magazine.
    We go meatless on a non-regular basis. I make a ratatouille that everyone loves, and no meat, and all from our vegie garden too. Should be able to make it again soon, the eggplant are just coming in. Tomatoes are rampant, still a few summer squash and bell peppers. No more green beans


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