Friday, April 18, 2014


May your Easter be full of blessings and love, with Easter baskets and colored eggs, and a gathering with your family and friends.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I as fortunate to win this book (Baskets, Birds and Boughs) and some lovely fabric from the Quiltmaker magazine blog, Quilty Pleasures.

The fabric colors and the book are so in tune with my personal taste so I like them a lot.

Then the next week my Sweetie texted me from an antique store in Brownwood with a picture of four feedsack fabrics.  Yes, buy them I texted back.  I am really crazy about this turquoise and brown one, and

 also the abstract purple, violet and brown one on the left here.

The blue and red on the right reminds me of an EKG print out with all it’s squiggly lines.

I don’t cut or use the feedsacks.  I just collect them because it reminds me of my dear Granny who died when I was in the second grade.  She always made sure that Granddad bought feedsacks with the same cloth bag design so she could make complete skirts, dresses, or shirts on her treadle sewing machine.

That's all for now . . .

Thursday, March 20, 2014


At a recent antique show in Fort Worth, Texas, Sweetie and I saw lots of cool old stuff, including quilts, but I didn’t take any pictures.  It was just so busy and crowded there was just no way to do it without being in someone’s way.  However, I bought the cutest little dirty clothes bag that you see below. It is embroidery on white fabric with the flower petals painted lilac.


There are little pockets at the top, one for dirty hankies and the other for dirty socks, then the slit midway down lined with green bias tape is the place to insert all the other dirties. It measures 21” x 26”.  It wouldn't hold many of my dirty clothes that's for sure.  Especially sweat pants!


It was the lady’s face, surrounded by purple flowers and green leaves that really caught my eye.  Her capped black hair and alluring face just grabbed me.  I don’t know when it was made but my guess is in the 1930s or 40s.  She is currently hanging on my design board in the sewing room so I can admire her before she’s folded up and put away with the rest of my collected linens.

This framed embroidered and appliqued pillowcase from the 1920s or 30s is displayed everyday in my bedroom.

pillowcase applique embroiderie

It was made by one of my great grandmothers and is a cherished possession to me.

Close Up

That’s all for now, but I have more LaGrange trip stuff for you next time.  Until then, may your bobbin always be full.
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Monday, March 17, 2014


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Even if I’m not Irish, I like St. Patrick’s Day.  It’s the one day that a Scottish/English gal like me can pretend for the sake of my Irish husband.
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Sunday, March 9, 2014


It was definitely a quilt weekend in LaGrange February 21-23.  In addition to the Lone Star Quilt Study Group gathering there was “The Best Little Quilt Show in Texas” going on just adjacent to the Hall where me met. 
For those of you who haven't seen the Dolly Parton movie many years ago or who aren't  from Texas, the quilt show title origin is unknown.  If  “Quilt Show”  is replaced by “Whorehouse” you are in on the joke.    LaGrange is famous or infamous considering how you look at it for having a brothel called “the Chicken Ranch” where men from miles around would visit when that got that “itch.”  It was operational from 1905-1973.  That’s all I’m saying about that!

The quilt show was fun and the guild members running it were so friendly.  This is a little taste of some of the quilts we saw there.  But first, I may not have all the information about the quilt title or who made it because most of my pictures of the signs were blurry.  I like to give credit where credit is due so I’ll do my best to identify each one.

Shades of Blue by Linda _____

Yo-Yos by Glenda Price, Quilted by Kris Grisby

Marguerite made by Kathi Babcock

Votes for Women by Kathi Babcock based on the Barbara Brackman’s 2013 Block of the Week related to Suffragettes and their Cause

Party Cake made by Susan M. Zelensky, quilted by Parker White
Fabulous Quilting Details for Party Cake


Sunshine by Judy Wolf, quilted by Linda Maass
Contains 18,402 pieces and over 2,250 yards of thread in the quilting.

Wheel of Fortune by Susanne Manning, pattern from Betsy Chutchian’s book, History Repeated.

Pennsylvania Dutch By Kathi Babcock

Brian’s Quilt by Wanda Hubbard

mola quilt
Mad About Molas by Holly Marie Howard, quilted by Denise Green
mola 3 birdsmola 4 birds
Some of the Panamanian mola details
While there, I bought a few quilty items:

patterns fabric lagrange

A couple of gorgeous Carol Morrissey patterns (Poppy and Prickly Pear in Bloom) and a yard of “Vin du Jour” fabric designed by the 3 Sisters for Moda. 

It was fun, fun, fun!
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Friday, March 7, 2014


While in LaGrange a couple of weeks ago, my husband and I had the privilege of seeing a beautiful broderie perse (chintz fabric designs cut out and appliqued on a plain white background).  It’s the one lying down, not the one on the wall.  The lady standing next to it is Quilt Curator Kate Adams who has been studying this quilt for a few months.

2014-02-26 18.13.22

Dated 1844 with signatures from numerous people that appear to be from New Jersey, including the name in the middle, Sarah V.C. Quick.  With some help from Karen Bresenhan and Nancy Puentes, co-founders of the Texas Quilt Museum, this quilt was purchased for the University of Texas at Austin Briscoe Center for American History’s Quilt Collection to preserve and study this amazing quilt.  You can see photos of some of the other quilts in their quilt collection HERE.

Quick Quilt at Tx Quilt Museum full
Full View from Auction Site
The following photos are from an auction site that once handled this quilt.  However, the quilt as purchased last November 2013 at the Houston Quilt Festival from a dealer.

Quick Quilt at TX Quilt Museum medallion

There are 116 floral and bird appliques on the Quick Quilt. 

Quick Quilt at TX Quilt Museum 2

The handwork is so tiny and precise.  It can’t be seen with the naked eye, even on the small pin-width stems.

Quick Quilt at TX Quilt Museum 1

An added bonus is the series of  Chinese scenes stitched on each corner.

Quick Quilt at TX Quilt Museum left corner

The broderie perse border add a nice, unusual touch.

The Quick quilt is back at the University of Texas with Ms. Adams for further study.  However, at some point in the future it will be displayed again.  Hope you get to see it in person, but in the meantime, enjoy the pictures.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


On the weekend of February 22 I had the pleasure to attend a meeting of the Lone Star Quilt Study Group at the Czech Heritage and Cultural Center  in LaGrange, Texas.  The speaker was Rosie de Leon-McCrady of Austin on the subject of vintage/antique quilts and other fabric items containing redwork.  Rosie’s redwork webpage can be seen HERE.

This is just a sample of the photos I took at this gathering.  Just click on each photo to see more detail.  Better pictures that were taken by Kitty Ledbetter, can be seen by visiting the Lone Star Quilt Study Group photo page HERE.

little girl detail

colonial quilt red alt blocks
feathered stars and redwork

signature blocks

piecing w embrodered 2

I met some very nice ladies at my table, Libby and Barbara from Arlington, Texas and Sylvia from Canton.  Sylvia had on the cutest blouse that had a old embroidered dresser scarf along the yoke and lapped over her shoulders to the front with smaller matching motifs.  It was a winner!

Sylvia back of shirt embroidery

The next Lone Star Quilt Study Group meeting is set for August 23, 2014 at The Witte Museum in San Antonio, Texas to study Texas Republic era quilts led by Marcia Kaylakie.  If you are interested in attending you may find the registration information HERE.  I’m really jazzed about this one!

There is more to come about our LaGrange trip, including the "Best Little Quilt Show in Texas," a very old historic cemetery and a visit to the Texas Quilt Museum so stay tuned.
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