Thursday, July 11, 2013


While the house keepers from Maid Pro were cleaning my house today, I had three hours of uninterrupted sewing time so I finished three blocks.  Two were paper pieced for the Just Takes 2 quilt

57 JT2 

and the other was an easy block called Endless Stairs, block #39 for Barbara Brackman’s Women’s Rights quilt called Grandmother’s Choice.

39 Endless Stairs

My Just Takes 2 quilt will be a different setting to the one published by the designers.  I plan to have a medallion in the center with blocks surrounding it.  Since the blocks are several different sizes, this may present a problem but I’ll give it a try.  One can’t be too chicken about these things or we will never learn anything! [she says boldly!!!!!!]
a red Signature
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  1. So glad I landed on your blog - those blocks are lovely and can't wait to see how things progress. Your blog header is great - but you've put the thought of chocolate in my head now! xCathy

  2. Great progress! I love your idea for the JT2 project, using a medallion center. One good thing with all the different sized blocks, it will be fun coming up with a new layout and add whatever spacers you need to 'make it work'. I like your fabrics for Grandmother's Choice. Well done!


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