Friday, July 27, 2012


My Sweetie is handy with a tape measure, saw, screwdriver and hammer.  I am on the other hand only slightly able to operate a tape measure or screwdriver but I definitely useless with a the saw and hammer part.  Anyway, I can think up projects but can’t execute them.  Sweetie can think them up AND make them.

tape measure

My latest brainstorm included an old wooden rack from a previous project and the need for a peg board in my sewing room.  At first he kept finding things wrong with my idea – the rack is not square, don’t need a full sheet of peg board, have to figure a different way to hang it (etcetera,. etcetera, etcetera as the king from the "King and I" would say in the movies).
After I decided from his feedback that (1) he didn’t want to do the project or (2) it just wouldn’t work out or (3) both these options, he said yeah, I can do it.  I knew he could.  Here is the result.

peg board

It’s just the right size plus it’s handily placed between my cutting table and my ironing board.  It helps remove some of the clutter from my cutting table.  Now I only keep the medium size rotary cutter and the rulers I use the most – 6 1/2” square, 9 1/2” square and the 8” X 14” closer at hand in the ruler rack located on the cutting table.  I’m so happy!

While Sweetie was working on the peg board project out in our garage, Ranger was inside where it was cool doing what he does best, sleeping.

ranger under oval pic
"What you doing flashing that camera in my face lady!"

Sleeping on a pile of quilts of course.  Let the crazy human work in the hot garage all morning.  This cat is one smart, comfy dude.
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  1. Great idea, glad you got hubby to do it! Beautiful cat, I have 2.

  2. Your post made me laugh!!! Yes, cats are the smartest critters aren't they? Love your peg board, such a handy idea, I may have to look into doing something similiar!!!


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