Monday, July 30, 2012


Dawn a/k/a Collector with a Needle posted additional photos on her blog of Carolyn Miller’s 19th century quilts recently displayed at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.  Click HERE and HERE to see them.

logo JT2

I just realized today that the next group of Just Takes 2 blocks will be posted in a couple of days on August 1st.  And I haven’t work on any of the blocks this past week.  Yikes.  Better fire up my rotary cutter and sewing machine in those couple of days to attempt to catch up.

The other day Sweetie and I went to the big city, Fort Worth, for  little outing which included a visit to the Botanical Gardens where the roses were in bloom but fading somewhat.  Would love to have seen it a few weeks ago when they were in full bloom.

botanic gardens from bottom looking up
Rose Garden overlook from the bottom of the garden

botanic gardens from overlook
Overlook of rose garden

cinco de mayo
Cinco de Mayo Rose
Then after looking at the roses we went on down to the Montgomery Street Antique Mall for lunch at the tea room and a little browsing.  I found this interesting quilt as we were leaving but stopped to take a picture.

montgomery st quilt star flower

montgomery st quilt

It was made out of some kind of rayon or nylon fabric, it felt almost like satin but wasn’t.  Love the flowers inside the stars.  It was a nice flowery day all the way around.
a red Signature
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.


  1. What a gorgeous rose garden, so beautifully laid out! Very unusual fabric on the rose/star quilt, I haven't seen that design before!!! Good luck with your catch with the JT2 blocks! I sat that one out, but am waiting for the new Barbara Brackman BOW in September!!!

  2. What a great day with your sweetheart ;-)
    The gardens look wonderful - love that layout.
    Is the quilt block a Missouri Rose? The red petals are raised and kind of pleated to the center circle? I've seen them in cotton. Very colorful!
    Thank you for sharing!


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