Tuesday, July 31, 2012


All my “pending” Just Takes 2 blocks have been cut out.  I’m slowly piecing and machine appliqueing them one by one with hopes to work on them  steadily on Tuesday.  Here are the two blocks completed on Monday while the movie “The Godfather” played in the background.

blk 56 ckrbrd and 54 spools
                        On the left is Block 54 “Spools” and on the right Block 56 “Checkerboard.”

A couple of cool quotes from “The Godfather.”  "Fredo, you're my older brother, and I love you. But don't ever take sides with anyone against the family again. Ever."   Michael to Fredo

Do you know how naïve you sound, Michael? Presidents and senators don’t have men killed.” Kay shares this response with Michael when he remarks that his father is no different than other powerful men. “Oh, who’s being naïve, Kay?” he asks.

I think I prefer to stay naive!
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