Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Block #36 Sun Ray on top and Block #27 with no name but I’ll just call it Oak Leaf Medallion.  Please do not examine my applique block closely.  Now that I’ve said that, you most assuredly will.


My placement on one of the curly cues is too close to a leaf.  My center diamonds are not well centered.  I used Sulky 15 wt. thread on top to machine applique and it’s too fuzzy.  Etc., etc., etc.  But it’s done.  Complete.  On to the next one.  Many lessons learned.

The next block is the applique from the May 15 batch, block #38 and the Pieced block #37 – Old Italian Block.  I love the Old Italian block and want to make a whole quilt using it but with rotary cutting dimensions, not paper-piecing.  I can whip that up on EQ5 fairly easily I think.   Here’s the next group finished.

italian tile hawks, odd starJT2 blks honeycomb star applq

I took the coward’s way out and made a paper-pieced 15” block (bottom left above) to take the place of the feathered star block.  I’m pretty happy with the results.  I found this pattern called “Odd Star” on the Quilter’s Cache web page.  There are hundreds, maybe thousands of block patterns in various sizes, methods, and variety.  Give them a look-see if you’ve never visited before.  It’s all free!

Can’t remember if I posted about the blocks on the right side yet.  I called the top one The Ink Blot. Once again, machine appliqued but I used a regular 50 wt. thread and was happier with the result.  Also machine appliqued the little tear drops on the Honeycomb block.

I'm anxiously awaiting to hear about the arrival of my grand-niece today.  The one whose baby quilt I made last month.  You can see it HERE.  The quilt, not the baby . . . yet.

Until next time, keep those sewing machines humming.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.


  1. Love your color combination. I think we are generally too critical of our own work. Many honored antique quilts are far from technically perfect! and we LOVE them.
    Thank you for sharing your work.

  2. Your blocks are all WONDERFUL! I love your choice of fabrics for this quilt too! Only you will know or notice any imperfections in this quilt. It's going to be just stunning when it's done!

  3. They look brilliant, that must bring you up to date with this.. A few days "breather" before the next instalment. I love that"Odd Star " block. quilters Cache is a terrific site isn't it

  4. Your JT2 blocks all look amazing! Great job!


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