Sunday, May 20, 2012


Sweetie and I celebrated 38 years of wedded bliss Friday night with a yummy dinner at our favorite "special occasion" restaurant, Outback.

Here we are — at Dallas Autorama Early 1980s - A few years and many pounds ago!

Still crazy for each other after all these years.
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  1. congratulations on your wedding anniversary

  2. Great Anniverary..... wondering if the chevey behind you is '56 or '57? the fin edge is not in the picture and that is how I tell the difference. My brother just sold my Grandmother's '57 Belaire which he owned for 38 years... the car in your picture has a really cool paint job.

    1. Mimi, you don't have a way for me to contact you direct so I'll have to reply here. It's a 1957 Chevy BelAire 2 door hardtop. We owned that car for many years but we eventually sold it then a few years later purchased a 1971 Corvette with T-tops. He loves cars (and I like them) and I love quilts (and he likes them). We are a good match.

  3. Congratulations! and I love the picture!


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