Saturday, May 19, 2012


It has been a little over one year since I made my last Civil War Diary Quilt block.  I did not realize it had been so long ago.
The Civil War Diary Quilt Cover

When The Civil War Anniversary Quilt book by Rosemary Youngs arrived it spurred me to check back on the CWD quilt blocks.  Much to my amazement I only had 27 of the 121 blocks completed.  There are many more paper-piecing templates for CWD blocks printed up from the separate CD and in a notebook ready to choose fabric and sew. 

So here is CWD Quilt block #28 – Harassment [Row 2-6]
Row 2-6 Harrassment
I LOVE this one.   Just 5” finished square.  Little blocks are so darn cute.  Something I did on this block seems to help me out with the construction.  The Just Takes 2 blocks give pre-cutting measurements for the paper pieces.  This seems to keep me from coming up short and is much more organized.   I decided to measure the various components of this block, then added lots extra to the measurements to pre-cut the pieces.  It worked like a charm by keeping me on the right track much better than just random placement and cutting.

Now I’m formulating a plan – maybe combine some of the CWD Quilt blocks with the new CW Anniversary Quilt blocks.  They would play well together if I continue to use my 19th Century reproduction fabrics.  Yep.  That sounds like a good idea!

If the Dear Jane blocks I’ve made thus far (approximately 35 or 40) were the same size, I’d throw them in the mix too. 

Just thinking . . .

Don't forget to visit The Quilting Gallery to vote on my Wind Earth Fire Water quilt entry entitled "Monterrey Memories."  The winner will be announced on Monday morning.  Those hand-dyed fabrics need to come to my house to play!
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  1. that might be the perfect idea combine my DJ and CW book blocks and other blocks I have laying around together into one quilt.....yup they are all reproduction fabrics so they will go together no problem
    the different sizes well thats what filler strips and blocks are for, it will be like a puzzle!
    hmmmm I will be thinking about this thanks!

  2. Using blocks from both books is a great idea. You get a finish and no one in five years will know the difference. I keep saying that one day I am going to have an "insane Jane" quilt... as I will never get enough blocks of "Jane" or "This is Insane" to finish each quilt.... but combined it just might happen. So you sew on.....

  3. Happy quilting! I'm still working on my CWD quilt... would love to complete it this year! Baaa Haaa haaa.... maybe next. I've treated myself to Rosemary's new book. Also would love to make a DJ quilt someday.... Love your idea of combining the two.


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