Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I’ve been slowly working on my niece’s baby quilt.  Her colors are a pretty lime green and tan so I went through my “resource center” aka “stash” to pull out my fabrics within her color palette.  I had to throw in a little pink for our little girl baby, so this is one of the layouts I worked on.

kayces quilt layout
I’m pretty sure I made some changes before I started sewing the blocks together.  Here is the bottom two rows stitched together.
The other four rows are pinned together by my sewing machine ready for me to finish.  I’m having to work between my itching spells that are a residual of my shingles.  It’s driving me crazy at times and no medicine seems to help so far.

Last night, Ranger, my Maine Coon cat, found my stash of used dryer sheets that I planned to use as foundation pieces for strip piecing.  For some unknown reason he loves to chew on used dryer sheets.  He found mine in the sewing room and had a “party.”    Those little white sheets were scattered all over the sewing room floor.  This is just a small sampling of his handiwork.
rangers party
Doesn’t he have a guilty look on his face?
rangers head shot
By the way my newest favorite blog is now WonkyWorld !  If you love antique quilts you have to visit this blog.  Bill Volckening has a gorgeous collection of antique quilts that will just blow your mind!  I discovered this blog through one of my Yahoo Groups and am so thankful to the person who mentioned it.   Apparently Mr. Volckening has some books published, including one featuring his exquisite New York Beauty quilts.  Here is a sampling of the book HERE.

Better get back to sewing on that baby quilt.



  1. Baby quilt is coming along very well, and I oh! so know what cats love to do when left to their own devices LOL!!!! Thanks for the link to WonkyWorld, looks interesting!!!

  2. Love the baby quilt....lucky baby!! And you would love the trip to Bentonville...we were in luck with the dogwood and redbud in bloom...There is quite a bit to do around there...War Eagle is within driving distance...an old flour mill on the river. Also, Eureka Springs is a wonderful little Mountain town...full of antiques etc.

  3. Like the color choices for your baby quilt. My daughter's dog likes the dryer sheets, she says he likes the smell. My little dachshound like Kleenex. All these toys and they like the trash----go figure.


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