Thursday, March 29, 2012


Just finished reading Janet Evanovich’s most recent Stephanie Plum novel, Explosive 18.


Once again I laughed out loud to the antics of Stephanie and her loyal sidekick, Lula.  There was the rain of a thousand rats from the ceiling on the temporary bail bonds’ office;  the purse snatcher dude who stole Stephanie’s bag, grabbed her car keys and stole her RAV4 vehicle, leaving her at the doorsteps of his house; the same guy stealing her car another three times after it was returned to her; Lula’s voracious appetite for donuts, fried chicken, and her bad encounter with some questionable potato salad.  I could go on but I won’t.

I’ve just begun reading Mary Schafer:  American Quilt Maker by Gwen Marston.

Mary Schaeffer

I have a very diverse taste in reading material, don’t you think?


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  1. Explosive Eighteen was better than the last few books but still not up to the standards of the earlier ones. There are one or two laugh-out-loud moments, you find out what happened in Hawaii (one paragraph), & Stephanie deals with some not-so-scary bad guys. I was happy to see Stephanie defend herself and give worse than she got, that was a nice change. But there was no spark between Stephanie and Joe or Ranger. Something big needs to happen to liven it up (not a pregnancy like some people suggest). I think it would be good for Janet Evanovich to take some time off from the series and come up with some fresh ideas. It has become very stale. I will continue to read the series because I care about the characters and it is an easy light read but I really hope the next book is better.


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