Saturday, December 24, 2011


Earlier this week I received an email announcing a new block of the month challenge issued by Gay of Sentimental Stitches and Brenda Papadakis of Dear Jane fame.  It's called  JUST TAKES 2.  It's based on the red and white quilts featured in an exhibition called Infinite Variety that were exhibited in early 2011.  It sounds like much fun that I am thinking about doing it.   I will probably not do another red and white quilt this time but will choose another two-color combination.

For more information about this free program, click on the Just Takes 2 photo below:

In the meantime, I want to wish each of you who celebrate it


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  1. I signed up for Just Takes Two----probably do a blue and white since I did a red and white this past fall. I need something to take the place of our Civil War blocks. Merry Christmas to you and your family-----do you think we might have snow?

  2. So what color are you thinking about doing, Donna? It sounds really interesting! I might sign up too.

  3. I just joined a new Yahoo On line Group and saw that you recently joined yourself and had posted your blog, so came over to take a look. Yup, I received the same email from Sentimental Stitches. I've downloaded the first 5-6 blocks and am anxiously awaiting for the 15th to get here to see what Brenda is adding. Not sure how this works. I know all blocks are of different sizes, but not sure if you make all the blocks and then assemble, perhaps you can give me some direction. I don't own a Red/White quilt so I may do these colors. Raven


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