Tuesday, December 20, 2011


When you look at my version of Block 51 of the Civil War Quilt by Barbara Brackman, you will notice that I took the easy way out.

51 New York
The stripes were supposed to be pieced and the stars pieced in as well.  Instead, I found a pre-printed stripe fabric that I liked then machine appliqued the stars fabric over it.  Piece of cake!  My only regret is that I did not machine applique with invisible thread in the top.  Otherwise I am happy with the result.  I thank Barbara from Cookie’s Creek blog for her idea about the star fabric.  I had this in my stash and worked just great.

After much procrastination, I dug out a couple of Santa Claus’s out of my closet and set them up around the house.  I also pulled down the box containing the Christmas wrapping paper, ribbon, and gift bags to start wrapping up the gifts for the grand-nieces and nephews’ presents.  Books.  Some will love them.  Others will not care one way or the other.  And still others will be going – “Aunt Donna and her books” as they roll their eyes.  If I can get just one kid out of the six to read a book, I will be so very, very happy.

We have a new grand-niece due the middle of next year, so I didn’t leave her out.  She will have a cute little stuffed giraffe under this year’s Christmas tree.  Next year she too will get a book.


Finished addressing Christmas cards tonight so I can check that thing off of my to do list.  But there are still more on that list to take care of.  Like the grocery store trip.  Ugh!!!!   Pecan pies to bake.  Yummy!!!! and presents to wrap.  No problemo!!!!
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  1. Good job with your block.
    Good luck with all of your Christmas wrapping ;-)
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Donna, I think your Civil War block is fabulous! I really like the red stripe. And thanks for the link to my blog! Merry Christmas!

  3. I love how you made the CW block, that's good thinking. My grandkids all adore books as I do, I have to have at least one for Christmas. I hope some of them grow into them. The giraffe is adorable.

  4. Great flag!! And I like the thread choice...to me it adds to the reproduction look! Have a Merry Christmas!


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