Friday, August 12, 2011


Working on my half-square triangle friendship exchange quilt presented a problem.  I don’t have anywhere big enough that I can assemble quilt pieces in a layout for a twin-size or larger quilt.  Being a fairly resourceful woman, I figured out an option.


I draped a large piece of 80/20 cotton batting over the tub shower fiberglass doors in the bathroom that is not our main showering place.  Voila!  A bigger, though not huge, design board that is not in anybody’s way and where the cat can’t rearrange pieces like he loves to do if I work on the floor.  My only complaint, it gets hot in there because the air conditioner does not vent into that room, so I took frequent cool down breaks.

I’m taking groups of 4 X 4 HSTs to the machine to sew into a “block” to keep from getting myself confused with a larger number of pieces at one time.  Then I will sew the various “blocks” together in order to make the quilt top.

Some of you may be Dear Jane Quilt fans also known as Janiacs.  Even if you aren’t, you should visit the American Patchwork & Quilting webpage here to view pictures of lots of variations of layouts, fabrics and colors used in some Dear Jane quilts.  You may be surprised.  Some are bright and bold, another is a yellow and blue two-tone palette, unique layouts (including one with DJ blocks laid out in a Christmas tree shape), on point settings, and many other fun techniques.

After 40 consecutive days of temperatures in the triple digits here in north central Texas, we got a break on August 11 of a mere 97 degrees, just short of a 42 day record set in 1980.  Have no fear, we are back to the triples digits and will probably be there again for several more days!  Still no rain! 

Back to sewing after I eat a bite of lunch,
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  1. I am tempted to try that. I can't do anymore on my Soldier Quilt until I have a larger design wall. If not, it's the floor in the dining room.

  2. Great idea. Out of harm's way and you can keep it up too.

    I like to lay out my blocks and sew a few together like you do so I don't get confused too. It just depends on the quilt if I need to do this or not. I don't like to number my blocks but I've done that too...Getting up and down gives you a little exercise too, right? Just what you need in this lovely Texas heat! Have fun, it's looking great.

  3. The HST blocks are looking good!!!! Great design wall alternative, a girls' gotta do what a girls' gotta do LOL!!!!

  4. Very innovative of you!!! We quilters can always come up with a solution, can't we!!!! Beautiful quilt top!!

  5. Very ingenious! And the quilt looks fabulous!

  6. Well done - and the quilt is coming along great!

  7. What an ingenoius idea! I have to do what you are doing to keep it all straight. Its going to be fantastic.
    Sorry you are still experiencing a heat wave. Our summer has been the best I can remember althoguh it started very late.


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