Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I finally ordered a new camera – it’s a Nikon Coolpix S6100 in anticipation of an upcoming trip.  I didn’t want to take a chance that my older camera finally falling completely apart when vital picture-taking was in order.   My dear Sweetie dropped our little Canon camera while at the July 4th parade and it’s trying to come apart at the seams.  It’s taped up at the moment, but a new camera was in order.  Here it is:
Cool pix

The battery on the new camera is charging now which gives me time to read or should I say muddle through the operator’s manual.  It’s best to figure out how everything works before getting into a situation where it MUST work or the photo is lost.  But first, I need to buy a memory card to hold more than the 5 pictures the internal memory holds. 

Slowly but surely I’m sewing my block units together for the Friendship Triangle Exchange quilt.  Four sections (lower bottom left side) are assembled and others are laid out by my sewing machine for assembly.


So far so good.

I haven’t made this week’s Civil War Quilt block, #33 Indiana Puzzle, yet.  Don’t know if I’m going to do the curved piecing or the applique method yet.   It’s time to make a decision!

I’m shutting down the computer now.  I’ve been working on it for several hours now.  I've read all the blogs I follow, downloaded the new camera program, fixed an audio problem, and downloaded a new book on my MP3 player.  Enough is enough already!

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  1. Good luck with your new camera! I love how your Friendship Triangle Exchange quilt is coming along! I hope you get time to listen to the new book on your MP3 player!!!! Enjoy a bit of 'me' time!!

  2. I look forward to seeing your latest CW block. Congrat on the new camers.

  3. I just got a new camera for my birthday in July! I love it! It's a Canon Rebel t3i. I'm actually taking a class to learn all the ins and outs of a DSLR and plan to blog on what I've learned (or am trying to learn). Enjoy your new camera!

  4. Enjoy your new camera. THose HST are coming along nicely...
    I hear ya' - shut down the computer and go SEW.
    Travel safe.


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