Sunday, August 7, 2011

Civil War Quilt Block 32

This week’s block is called Carolina Lilly with Barbara Brackman’s directions here.  However, I followed American Homestead’s directions instead with a slight variation.

32 Carolina Lilly

American Homestead’s tutorial on this block featured all  half-square triangles and 2 1/2” solid squares.  I made all the half-square triangles as she instructed, but instead of the 3 – 2 1/2” background fabric squares on each of the long sides of the block, I used 2 – 2 1/2” X 6 1/2” rectangles.  It worked like a charm.  Easy assembly with good looking results. 

The heat here in my neck of the woods in Texas still blazes, currently at 105 degrees.  The only time I’ve been outside today was to go the the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) around 6:00 a.m. for some yummy buttermilk pancakes with warmed maple syrup.  Delish!  We scrambled back home quickly afterwards and have stayed inside cooling it ever since.  Our neighbor lady told us this morning on her way to church that she was going to pray really hard for some rain.  Hope her (and our) prayers are answered sooner rather than later.

Until next time, sew your hearts out.
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  1. Your block turned out beautifully Donna! I hope you get some relief from the heat soon!!

  2. Think I will try your way including the half square trianges. I hadn't really looked at the block, but I see the HST. Michael just got his 2000 hit------Go Rangers. Ranger 5--Cleveland 3

  3. Your block turned out nice, love the fabrics you are using! I drafted mine out in EQ5 and printed templates yesterday, it is now by the sewing machine waiting to be sewn together. Wish I had thought about the way you did it! Hope you get some relief soon, my sis lives in Dallas and I know it is terrible hot. I think we are finally getting a break this week.

  4. Very pretty block. And Amen to praying for rain.

  5. Great block!!! Can't wait to see the complete quilt!!! and I am with you on the drought concerns!!! So hot and dry!!!!!

  6. I love this block. I hope you'll see some cooler temperatures soon.


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