Sunday, July 31, 2011


Earlier last week, Infinite Crossroads was quilted, bound, labeled and hung on my dining room wall.  That is why the title of this blog entry is Finito!  (Italian for finished).  I’m not Italian.  Just would love to visit the country someday and I like the way finito sounds when said with gusto!
 crossroads hung

I pulled out several other quilts with red and white fabric featured to place on the quilt rack sitting below the hanging quilt to complete the theme,

red qs display

and put a red, white, black and gold quilt on a corner wall on the other side of the china cabinet for good measure.

dng rm 2 gd

Please pardon the bright light flash on the top shelf of the china cabinet because it is backed with a mirror there.  Circumstances beyond the photographer’s control.

From these photos, you might guess/notice that my Sweetie and I are collectors of old things – like, Hall teapots, vintage linens, vintage/antique quilts, mercury glass, carnival glass, depression glass (clear and red Manhattan pattern here), a 1900s clock and 1930s Crosley combination radio/78 rpm record player (both in working order and both from his side of the family).  That is just one corner of one room in the house.  Believe me, there is much, much more.

Today I wanted to share my finished red & white quilt with you.  Later, I will post my next Brackman Civil War quilt block.  I did something a little different.  Until then, keep on stitching,
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  1. Your red/white quilt looks very at home there on the wall near her companions! What a lovely display! Your house is decorated just the way I like it!! Lots of wonderful old stuff in working order too!! I remember seeing old radios like that when I was a kid in older relatives houses, they look so majestic!!!

  2. It looks perfect!! What a wonderful display.

  3. Your Red & White quilt turned out BEAUTIFUL!
    It looks wonderful displayed on the wall and I love how you placed your antique quilts along side of it!

  4. Donna, the Red and White quilt is wonderful. Great job and great collection.

  5. Lovely! All of it...your quilts and collections.
    Thank you for sharing!


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