Friday, June 17, 2011


The last several days have been a complete whirlwind of quilt-related activity for me.

Sewing Machine white

I attended a two-day Heirloom Machine Quilting seminar taught by the domestic machine quilting diva herself, Harriet Hargrave.  You can read more about Harriet and her machine quilting at her shop webpage.   That was the two most intensive days of classes I have ever taken but well worth the exhaustion afterwards.  She taught this same workshop at Trinity Valley Quilters’ Guild in 2007.  I made it to the first class, but unfortunately got sick and missed the second day.  I knew I desperately needed that second day that was devoted to free motion quilting, so I am so glad she was scheduled to come back this year.  I signed up as soon as I could.  And I’m glad I did.    Now all I need is practice, practice, practice!  She recommends six months of practicing over and over again.  With me it will probably take more time but I’m willing to do it.

Harriet was the speaker as well at our Guild meeting this morning.  This was the first chance for me to get pictures of her and some of her wonderful quilts which I share with you here today.  Since I was late coming into the meeting, I had to be further from the stage than usual so the photos are not the best.  I tried to focus into the quilting itself more than the general appearance of the quilt design or fabric.  Remember you can double click on a picture to see it in larger detail if you so desire.

hargrove hand up
Harriet Hargrave Speaking at TVQG Meeting

Feathered star qing
Feathered Star Quilt

quote q close up
Quotes Quilt - Notice the wonderful design in the white blocks

heirloom qing 4 cover q
Cover quilt from Hargrave's Heirloom Quilting, 4th Edition Book

pink white bar q close
Pink and White Bar Quilt - Simple but made elegant by the intense quilting

Hargrove w cat assisted q
Harriet's new kittens helped her quilt this one.  They were all over it the whole time,
but you can't tell there are any long stitches or wobbly lines caused by cat interference.

I don’t aspire to Harriet's quilting greatness but if I could just do a third as well as she does, I would be a happy quilter.

After the Guild meeting, the TVQG Scholarship Committee met to review the scholarship applications we received to chose the lucky recipient of the Guild’s $2,500 scholarship for 2010-2011.  We had some wonderful applicants so it was a difficult task to pick just one, but we came to a unanimous agreement.  This weekend I will notify the winner of our choice and send letters to the ones who did not win.  I wish we could have awarded one to each applicant.

It’s almost time for my Sweetie to get home from work and take me out to dinner.  I’m too crashed-out to cook!

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  1. What wonderful quilting!!! something I can only dream about!!!!


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