Monday, May 9, 2011


Lauren from Washington state, my swap partner on Small Quilt Talk Yahoo group, has received her needle case so I am now free to post pictures.  I made both the needle case and a scissor case using the pink wool fabric I felted.   You can read here the story about this 30+ year old pink wool discovery and felting.

 Here is the outside front (before I added the button).

front tied

and this is the inside.


The scissor case is in the upper right hand corner displayed with the other goodies I sent to Lauren.  Oh – and I added a vintage button to the heart on the  needle case.

Exchange w button

I also enclosed a fabric postcard but failed to get a picture of it before I packaged everything up and mailed it out.  This is a picture of one similar to the postcard I sent.

Quilters PC

With one of these on the back containing a handwritten note:


This and other postcard backings may be downloaded from the page here.  There are also instructions on how to make these fabric postcards at the same file location.

It was such fun deciding which needle case pattern to use, picking the fabric, and putting it all together.  It is my understanding that my package from Lauren is on its way.  I’ll share photos of that as well when received.


  1. This looks so pretty. Nice job on the needle case and the scissors case.

  2. You did a great job with your needle & scissor case!!! Your partner will love them!!!

  3. these are just sooooo pretty, perfect for these projects
    what a great needlecase, love the heart too!

  4. What a pretty pair. Your partner is very lucky to receive such a lovely and unique gift.

  5. I have been silently following this group and have seen some pretty great things. Your needle case is very nice and I bet the receiver was glad to receive it. I have been so busy since it is spring and I work in a nursery so I didn't sign up because I knew I would never get it done, but maybe I can join something else later. I love all the challenges and hope to finish some soon.


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