Friday, May 13, 2011


The mailman had so much mail for me today, he had to ring my doorbell so he could hand it to me instead of trying to cram it all in my tiny mailbox.  Let me share with you about what I got besides the O Magazine, a Hot Rod magazine and miscellaneous junk mail.

First, there was the “squishy” package from Lauren in Washington state.  Inside contained the most wonderful array of goodies, including and especially the needle case that was part of our Yahoo group Small Quilt Talk exchange.

group 2

In addition to the needle case, Lauren sent me sewing-themed note paper, paper piecing templates and a group of fabrics great for paper piecing, a finger thingy to keep from burning said finger when ironing, and candy to snack on while I sew.  Isn’t it all wonderful?

This is the needle case pouch closed,

open close
and here it is opened.  See the circle in the center?  That a stuffed circle pincushion to hold the needles and pins.  There is a small needle book attached by ribbon to the center as well as a pair of folding scissors attached on the other side by ribbon.  But that’s not all!  There are little individual pouches all around the inside of the case to put little things in like thimbles, paper piecing templates, etc.  I absolutely love my brown and pink pouch and can’t wait to break it in.  Thanks Lauren.

This was also in the stack of mail today.


During Quiltmaker Magazine’s Blog tour last week, I left comments on 20 or 30 blogs (I didn’t count but there were a lot over a period of several days) from people who had blocks featured in this magazine.  The purpose of the blog tour was to advertise the newest magazine of the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks series and to give away copies to lucky winners.  I won this copy from Rochelle Martin of Cottage Quilt Designs.  Rochelle’s block, Spring Beauties, may be seen on her blog here.  It’s a beauty!  A big thank you to Rochelle and Quiltmaker Magazine.

Now I think it’s time to study my magazine to pick out the block I want to make using my new needle case pouch!

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  1. So glad that it arrived safe an sound, and that you like the fabric and design. I had the easier time, as you had this blog to gather information about you from. Thought that the little fabrics might work for the civil war blocks you had been making. This was such a fun swap, and I have already put my case to use. I will have to go and join a sewing class to show it off to others. Thanks again for the beautiful bit of handiwork.


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