Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Three yards of wool stored in my cedar chest since the 1970s.  Don’t remember what I planned to make but obviously I didn’t great around to it.

Then I got a bright idea!  Why don’t I make it into felted wool and use it in an exchange project?  So I put it in the washing machine using the hot water cycle and washed it once, and when that was finished I washed it a second time in more hot water.

Washing wool

It went into the dryer for a very long time.  Like 70 minutes long.  I wanted it shrunken as far as it would go.

wool in dryer

and it came out looking like this --

dried wool good

It turned out perfect.  Now I have about one and one-half yards of beautiful pink felted wool.  I can’t show you what I used it for yet.  I’m waiting for my exchange partner to receive her package before I post any pictures.  Hope the suspense doesn’t kill ya!

Do you like my new blog design?  The photo at the top of it is a collage of some of my Civil War Quilt blocks.



  1. Yes Donna, I love like your new header very much!!! Your pink felt turned out a beautiful colour, look forward to seeing your project!!!

  2. How nice to find a use for the wool. Its not doing any good sitting inside a chest! :)
    I like your new blog design alot. It's clean and easy to read. Lovely header too!

  3. What beautiful fabric you have!! Have you ever tried using a felting machine...with yarn or roving? There are some neat things you can do with it. And, I like your new look!

  4. beautiful color pink, wow what a find! like the look of your blog, its nice and fresh and easy to read!
    the quilts look wonderful in your header, nice to see close ups!
    have a great day


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