Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The Keystone Medallion is now quilted, bound and labeled.  An official finish.

Finished hanging

This picture shows it hanging.  Although it is square, I had a positioning problem when photographing – a cramped angle --  so it looks all wonky.  It finished measuring 27” square.  Mr. QBG loves this one because of the colors and movement.  Quilted in a simple hanging diamond pattern, I used dark monofilament thread in the needle and a 50 weight cotton thread in the bobbin to match the backing. 

Now I think my red and white quilt design needs tackling.

Crossroads EQ5 Layout

I have a 6" finished test block made so there are only 19 more blocks to go.   However, I need to go to Country Stitches quilt shop to see if I can find some more red fabric that closely harmonizes with the red I want to use from my stash and to finish using up a gift certificate from this shop.  Won’t that be fun?


  1. The medallion quilt turned out perfect! I adore the colors and yes, the movement in the quilt is nice too.

    Your r&w quilt will be lovely!! Have fun shopping!

  2. Finishes are a wonderful thing and this one is lovely. Great job and congratulations on getting one finished.

  3. Awesome finish...looks wonderful!

  4. Your Keystone medallion quilt looks great, congrats! on another finish!!! It is such a good feeling isn't it? Best of luck with your red and white quilt!

  5. Great Keystone....,. interesting on the red and white.... I bought 4 different red on red's at Country Stitches for my red and white... it is 5 inches square and almost finished.... operative word... finished....

  6. Congratulations on a finished product....and SO pretty!!! Isn't it always a great feeling to complete a project...and to know immediately what you are going to do next!! If you are like me, I am planning the next project in my head as I finish the details on the current one!

  7. Looks wonderful, and I love the backing fabric.


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