Saturday, April 30, 2011


If there is anything, and I mean anything, you want to learn about quilting, I recommend you visit You Tube’s Sharon Schamber Network.  Sharon is a Best of Show winner at the Houston Quilt Festival 2010 with her “Mystique.”  This lady knows her stuff!

                    Mystique by Sharon Schamber

I am currently hand quilting my “Poinsettia Wreath” quilt. 

pin basted

Since I have only hand quilted using the utility (big) stitch with perle cotton thread, I needed a tutorial on how to hand quilt using no hoop and regular quilting thread.  Sharon Schamber Network on You Tube to the rescue – Hoopless Hand Quilting

Now I’m ready to tackle the outline quilting around the appliqued motifs.  I first machine quilted in the ditch around each block square and along each side of the green stems.  I'm hoping I don't get myself too tangled up hand quilting since I pin-basted instead of thread basted.

Anyway, wish me luck.


  1. I think it will be just fine with pins. It's going to be fantastic!

  2. Hand quilting with pin basting will work. I just finished a fairly large quilt that I hand quilted after pin basting and am very happy with the results. Yes, there was an occasional tangle, but these were easily undone. My only recommendation is that you keep up at the quilting, because if you wait too long, you will be left with pin holes. That happened to me. But I spritzed with water and ironed these out very easily. It just was a little extra work. Best of luck!

  3. Good Luck Donna


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