Sunday, April 24, 2011


17 The Comfort Quilt

Here is block #17, The Comfort Quilt block from Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Quilt 2011.  I used one of the new red print fabrics that I recently purchased.  This one is so easy.   I started working on it about 7:30 a.m. CST on Saturday and I still wasn’t the first one to post a photo of the completed block on the Flickr Group page.  There were four others finished ahead of me.  Guess I'm not the "early bird" since I didn't get the worm.

Happy Easter wishes to you and yours.


Mom is fixing a baked ham, I’ve made baked beans, and who knows what else everyone else is bringing today, but it is always good to be with family.

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  1. Another great block Donna!! We get the new block around 9.30pm, so for me to be early bird I would have to sit up till midnight LOL!, I usually sleep on it and do it Sunday morning!! I like to have my morning cuppa and see what people have created while I slept, provides a bit of inspiration!!!
    Have a lovely weekend!


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