Friday, April 22, 2011


Stiletto w List

Hosted by the current Johnson County Quilter's Guild President and my friend JoAnn P., the annual Mini Shop Hop on Wednesday was a big success.  JoAnn made each of us shop hoppers a darling bead-tipped wooden stiletto.  Thanks JoAnn for the darling gift and the great time we had.

Shop hop fab

It should be no surprise to anyone that fabric was purchased.  I was looking for stripes, interesting blues and reds, and squiggly designs.  I also bought a cute tote pattern that had lots and lots of pockets, inside and out.  That meets my major criteria for handbag design – loads of pockets to help keep me organized.

Tote Bag Pattern

Then when I got home from the shop hop, I had a couple of packages in the mail box containing more squiggly designs fabric, including some more blues,

Internet order

and the coolest moon and stars fabrics.

Moon Stars

The moon and stars are my absolute favorite design, basically my personal theme fabric I guess.  Just call me the “Celestial Quilting Bear Gal.”

I’ll be using some of my new fabric to make a needle case for an exchange on the Small Quilt Talk Yahoo Group.  My Washington state swap partner and I have similar tastes in colors so the swap host paired us up.  I plan to work on this project the first week in May if all else falls in line.  I have the pattern all picked out and ready to go.

Sew much fabric, sew little time!  I’ve got to find places to put all this new stuff where I can find it later.


  1. oo, such pretty fabrics, I see you that you got some of the new collection for a cause. I saw it on the moda bakeshop and splurged on the fat quarter bundle. The swap leader really did do a good job of pairing us up. I will have to look and see if I have anything with stars, but I can't think of anything off hand. I am glad to see that you have a cat, I was a bit worried about that when I read your other post about dust allergies. Can't wait for a day off school to go through my fabrics and get started sewing! I keep bringing my patterns to bed and reading them until I fall asleep with them around me. Also I love your blue-green- and pink quilt on your header. I plan to work through all the challenge quilts this summer.

  2. You've got yourself some lovely fabrics there Donna!!! I recognise a few of them LOL!
    I plan to start on my CW Needle Case this Easter weekend!!! My partner is in Nth Carolina, so it has a long way to travel!!! I'm looking forward to seeing the different styles of Needle Cases people will make!!!


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