Friday, March 25, 2011


Tax Returns
Thanks to TURBO TAX software and the fact that we no longer have an antique mall booth, the 2010 tax preparation went smoothly Sunday night.  Keeping up with the bookkeeping and working one day a month at the mall were my least favorite things to do.  Buying and selling stuff were my favorite. 

Fortunately, we get some $$ back this year instead of pay more $$ in.  Let’s see, what can I use the refund on?  Sure would help toward a new Janome 6600 or Horizon.  But guess what, it’s going toward our credit card debt.  We had two major car repairs last month so the Visa bill is a little bigger than usual.  Boo hoo.

Speaking of money, this quote was in the Quilter’s Club of American newsletter.  “If fabric prices go up much more, I will have to rob a bank. So if you should read about a bank robber with a quilt over her head....armed with a rotary will know it's me.”    –- QCA member Jane’s.   I say the 60mm rotary cutter would be the best one -- it looks more menacing than the others.  SGZR2.TIFF

Cotton prices are going sky-high, however, other countries such as Australia, have been paying "out the nose" for good quilting fabric for a long, long time.  So now we are beginning to know how they feel.

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  1. You're not wrong on that score Donna!!! That's why I buy most of my fabric on-line from the US.

    I heard in the media some time back that cotton prices are indeed going to increase. China, being a very big cotton producer has experienced catastrophic weather events destroying their cotton crops and plantations (floods), this will take a while to recover in terms getting their land back up to scratch and planting again. Australia also produces cotton (dating back to the 1940-50's when a few American families immigrated here to produce cotton in the far west of New South Wales). They did very well, but recent flood events here too have put quite a dent in production. So yes, cotton will become the new silk for a while I guess!!!

    Buy up while you can! I knew I was increasing my stash for a rainy day! (no pun intended LOL!).

    Have a great weekend!!!



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