Monday, March 21, 2011


Block #12 of Brackman’s Civil War Quilt 2011 is called “Louisiana.  I almost used the “wrong” side of the blue fabric because it was all that pretty mottled light blue color you can see in the motif of the “right” side of the fabric.  However, I decided the motif would be more interesting so I used the right side this time but may use the wrong side in another block soon.

12 Louisiana

The “Keystone Medallion” quilt from Jo’s Little Women’s Club is done with the third border row of cheddar.

Keystone Medallion top

The photo is a bit askew.  No matter how many times I snapped it, I couldn’t get it properly lined up.  I assure you, the borders are straight and all is well.  The top is currently laid out on the dining room table in sandwich form ready to be pin basted.  My Sweetie loves this quilt, that measures 27 X 27” and wants me to put it in this year’s Trinity Valley Quilter’s Guild show in September.  We will have to wait and see how the machine quilting turns out first.
In honor of National Quilting Day and Craft month, I leave you with this quote that describes my life truthfully:  “Quilting fills my days, not to mention the living room, bedroom, and closets.”  Hope you enjoy quilting as much as I do. 



  1. Your 'Keystone Medallion' quilt is just lovely, that extra narrow border of cheddar adds that extra bit of visual interest to the whole quilt!!! Very pleasing to look at!!!

  2. I love the medallion quilt! Nice work!!

  3. Donna, your Keystone quilt is very pretty. Great use of fabrics and color.


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