Monday, December 27, 2010


Well, I didn’t get Mom’s sweatshirt jacket completely finished but was able to get it together enough that she could tell what it was supposed to be.

Mom w jacket

All it lacks is the binding.  She loved it!!!!!!  I will finish binding it this week and turn it back over to her.

Alas, the Poinsettia Wreath quilt did not get quilted.

                       This photo is from the pattern cover, not my actual quilt.


After getting sick and then frantically working on Mom’s gift project, there was no time.  That is next on the agenda after the jacket binding is completed.

I so love being with my family at holiday time, especially since we are at an age where key members (Dad, Granddad and Grandma) are no longer with us to celebrate.  It makes us appreciate the short time we have in life to enjoy our loved ones.

Ranger didn’t miss out on the Christmas fun.  No sirree!  The big Amazon Books box that arrived with many gift books became a fun toy for him.  It served as a hiding space to stalk his victim – a rolling ball going round and round in his scratch/play toy.


Ranger Box Watch


Ranger watch ball

Getting ready to pounce.

Stalking ball


Swatting Ball

Come back around here little ball.

checking out ball from box

He’s done!

Ranger headlight eyes

He amuses us about as much as he amuses himself.


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  1. Now if you finish those last two items you will be ahead for next year.

    The quilted sweatshirt turned out lovely.....

    The Christmas quilt will be so welcome next year.

    Great job.


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