Thursday, December 23, 2010



The packages are wrapped, except for the one for my Mom which is still being created.  I’m still sewing patches on that sweatshirt jacket, but the end is near.  It’s looking better and better each day.

After a trip to the HEB grocery store this morning at 6:45, the pecan pies were prepared and baked.

Pecan Pie

The house really smells good right now.  My Sweetie will be so happy I baked an extra pie just for him because he only gets a couple of pieces of pecan pie if I bake for the family holiday meal and we have to share them with everyone.

More meal preparation for tomorrow night’s traditional Christmas Eve tamale dinner is in the works.  My aunt and uncle from South Texas always bring fresh homemade tamales and we North Central Texas folks make the pinto beans, salad, and cheese dip to go with them.  I think I hear loud lip smacking noises in the background.

I hope each of you are finished with your Christmas shopping and ready for Santa.  As Santa says here,


have a blissful Christmas.


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