Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The annual family Halloween supper at my mother’s was a success.  She made the BEST pulled pork sandwiches from a Southern Living magazine recipe.  We scarfed them up so fast, I didn’t manage to get a picture.  Food doesn’t hang around long with this clan.  Thumbs up! 

Here’s Snow White helping her Aunt put butterfly wings on Peanut, the Yorkie.

Kayce Trinity Butterfly Pea


My nephew inspected the bag full of threats from his Meemaw,


hunter w sack


then wouldn’t allow me to get a good picture of his face – boys!!!!@!

hunter cover face


Trinity took this picture while laying on the floor of me and my hubby.  No that is not my mask, but hopefully the angle is the real reason for the ghastly appearance.


me mitch by trinity


After dinner, we all sat around digesting our sandwiches and talking about stuff.

kayce pea relaxing


Unfortunately, the baseball game afterwards was a disappointment to us Texas Rangers fan.  We didn’t win the World Series but are proud of them for making it that far for the first time in Texas Ranger baseball history.  Now it’s five more months before we start on the World Series hunt again.

Until then, we will miss them.


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