Thursday, September 9, 2010


The architecture in Fredericksburg is so charming.  There are “Sunday Houses” galore,


Sunday House


the Vereins Kieche


Pioneer_Church,_Fredericksburg_TX                      Image used under a Creative Commons License


and historic downtown buildings.

Fredericksburg_historic_district_2008 Image by Larry D. Moore, used under a Creative Commons ShareAlike License 


We ate at several restaurants that we highly recommend.  The Peach Tree, a tea room located in this Folk Victorian home

Peachtree Rest outside 

where I had a chicken salad and my Sweetie had a turkey burger, both excellent.  Yum-yum!


Peach Tree Restaurant inside                                        Interior of The Peachtree


Of course, you can’t go to a German town without eating bratwurst and red cabbage.  We ate at Friedhelm’s Bavarian Restaurant, located right next door to our motel.  This place is huge!  The wall behind the bar was fully covered with a mirror and the walls with beer signs, mounted animal heads (deer, elk, etc.) and horns especially pleasing to the hunters, plus other German related memorabilia.


German Rest Bar


We’ll definitely will go back in the future for more.

Next time I’ll tell you about a little ole’ rock and roll show at the Rockbox Theatre.   It knocked our socks off.



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