Monday, September 6, 2010

The End of Summer

Mr. Quilting Bear took his 1971 Corvette today to a local car show while I stayed at home catching up on my email, reading my favorite blogs and doing the laundry.


IMG_1128 cropped


Give me air conditioning and a comfortable chair to sit in instead of a hot parking lot and standing around.

My Sweetie and I  took  a wonderful trip this Labor Day weekend to the Texas Hill Country town of Fredericksburg.  It’s a great place to go for a short trip.   Especially with the added incentive of a quilt show put on the their local guild.

It was a small show, but had some fabulous quilts.  Unfortunately, the venue was so small that the rows of quilts were placed too close together – no more than 6 feet apart – that getting good pictures was impossible.  I’ll show you what I took.  Just know up front that the quality is poor but the best I could do.  In addition, the crowd gathered for the “Bed Turning” program overflowed into several aisles thus blocked view of the hanging quilts.

This one was my husband’s favorite, a southwestern design.

SW design


My “fav” was this beautiful art quilt.

Tree Quilt

The bark on the trees was so dimensional,

Tree trunk close bottom

with use of shading and scrunching of fabric


Tree trunk close

and additional quilting/stitching.  It was alive!  Pictures just don’t show it’s true beauty.

Appliqué and foundation paper piecing were included on it as well.

pieced left side and applq


I met and spoke with the artist, Mary Ann Hildebrand, about her technique.  You can read more about it on the her sign pictured below.


Tree Q sign


This one got my People’s Choice vote and won a well deserved blue ribbon in the art quilt division.


Some other wonderful quilts included a Dear Jane,

Dear Jane 

another with vintage crocheted pieces added,

Crochet q


a vintage embroidered tablecloth with borders added and quilted,

Vintage Tbleclth q 

vintage tblclth lft corner

Close Up Right Corner Embroidery and Quilting Details

Helen Rode’s sign on this tablecloth quilt, entitled “From the Table to the Wall”, stated that it was a found vintage linen that she quilted on her longarm machine.  So cool.  How’s that for recycling?

Wish I had more quilt show photos to share.  Hope you enjoy the ones I included in this blog entry.

More about this trip next time.  Until then, keep on stitchin’!



  1. Donna, I love Fredericksburg it is a fun place to go and stroll down the main street and visit the wool shop too!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures

  2. Wonderful photos and a nice description of the show put on by the Vereins Quilt Guild of Fredericksburg.

    Would you mind if I linked to your blog post from our Fredericksburg Convention and Visitor Bureau Facebook and Twitter sites? I think others would like to see your photos too.

    Please let me know if this is okay. Thanks!

    Laura Short
    E-Marketing and Website Manager
    Fredericksburg Convention and Visitors Bureau


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