Friday, August 6, 2010

“Beginning of War” CWD Block Finished


Beginning of War

I really like the way this block turned out.  The color choices worked well but then using Jo Morton fabric for 2/3 of the block made it likely that I would love it.



Quiltmania Magazine No. 78 arrived in my mailbox last week which always fills me with joy.  It’s one of my favorite quilting magazines.  Unfortunately, my subscription is up and the renewal rate for 6 issues jumped to about $76.00 per year American money.  Oh my gosh!  I can’t justify spending that much money on 6 magazines.  Even if it is my favorite.

It’s a French magazine that is also published in English and shipped over to the USA.  Between it being a high quality publication and extensive shipping costs, the price has become unreasonable (for me). 

I guess I’ll live without it.  Oh well . . . . .


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