Monday, August 16, 2010


The correct vinyl flooring arrived after reordering twice thus delaying the remodeling of the bathrooms by a month.  It’s down in both bathrooms and is beautiful.  I’ll post a photo later on that.

However, our house is still in chaos, especially the kitchen and office area.



All the cabinet doors were removed  for replacement  and the cabinet base sanded for painting.


You can barely see him on the bottom right hand corner of this photo, but Ranger was serving in his usual capacity as inspector/supervisor.


Cabinets w cat


There are boxes of pots and pans piled in the office along with stuff from my bedroom that I’m trying to decide whether to sell, donate or keep.


More Pans & stuff


Then there are more pots and 1970’s blue flower Corning Ware.


Pans in Ofc


It hasn’t helped matters much that I’ve had terrible headaches most of the last three weeks.  Doc prescribed new meds which seems to be helping.  Keep your fingers crossed.

My nieces baby quilt laid out on the sewing room floor for a week before I could sew it together.  Ranger rearranged the border pieces a couple of times chasing twist ties, his favorite toy.  Since I know how he likes to scramble things, I took digital photos of each border.  Just a quick glance at the screen and presto, it goes back together the way I wanted.

Although it is very simple, I like the effect of the colorful border.

Whole Top 

Here’s a closer look at the Noah’s Ark panel in the center.

Fabric close

If you want closer looks at any of the photos, just double click on them.  You can tell photography is not my specialty, but you can get the idea.

I can’t quilt it until I make the curtains for the small bathroom because the window too low for female modesty without covering it up!   There is a silk dupioni in my stash that I hope will work.

Better get back to sewing.


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