Saturday, June 26, 2010

Block Status and How I Keep Up With Civil War Diary Blocks


Very little progress on my quilt blocks the last few days.  I’ve made four new hexagon star blocks.

May 24 09

Furthermore, I’ve selected fabric for my next two Civil War Diary  blocks and placed them in the plastic sleeves with the patterns in my CWD notebook.

Notebook Fabric Selection


I also store my completed blocks with the patterns in the notebook.

Notebook Page 1 

Notebook Page 2

This is the method of keeping up with the blocks I learned when taking the Dear Jane classes a few years ago.  I’ve started putting the date the block is completed on the pattern page just so I can keep up with my long journey. 

Dear Jane is not complete, but I have enough blocks to make a decent wall hanging which is my plan one day.

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