Monday, March 8, 2010

Making Progress

Because I don’t have a stamp or pattern for the three-piece 6” hexagon block, I had to make a paper template using my 2” stamp set, then transfer it to a plastic template.   This is the result

3 diamonds


from this.

3 diamond block 

I also made a full solid template,



and templates for the side pieces.

The Crib Toile challenge with the Jo’s Stitchers’ Yahoo Group is coming along.  I have all the inner 4.5” unfinished blocks and 2.5 x 4.5 unfinished flying geese blocks made and on the design board.  My design board is located in a very tight corner behind a door so the picture looks a little off kilter, but you get the idea.

Layout 1

The inner border half square triangles are also ready.  Now it’s time to start sewing the rows together.  I made quilt more narrow than the pattern calls for because the wall space where I rotate the hanging of my numerous  wall quilts is not wide enough for the 46” finished width called for.   Therefore, mine will be oblong rather than square, measuring 38” X 46” approximately.

The Precision Trimmer 6 helped tremendously in squaring up each block, including the flying geese.  I need all the help I can get.


  1. I love the colors in this quilt, very rich looking. I am in Oklahoma, my daughter and family live in Burleson south of Fort Worth. I have found a wonderful quilt store there. Quilting Stitches they specialize in reproduction fabrics. Thought you might want to know of a good quilt shop!

  2. Donna - congrats on the crib toile - it is coming along nicely~ I really love this pattern (just finished piecing mine today~ Yeah~) Yours is looking great. Thanks for keeping us posted~

  3. Love the Crib Toile progress! I've been kind of AWOL lately, but just got mine all cut out and ready to start piecing :)


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