Monday, March 1, 2010

She Loved It

Mom loved her table runner, just as I knew she would.  She now has one for every season, all made by me.  The first three were made early in my quilting journey and would look much better if they were made now, 6+ years later.

Here is the Summer/July 4th one:

quiltz 001


quiltz 002                                          Back (Notice the Presidents)

For some reason, I can’t find photos of her Spring and Christmas ones.  However, I found the photo of the one I made for my Grandmother six  years ago.  These are not “my colors” but it is one of the prettiest table runner's I’ve made thus far.

Grandma's Runner                                                       Front

Grandma's runner back 2004

                   Back With Label (I’m a firm believer of labeling)

When my Grandmother passed away, it made its way back to me.  She always thought anything I did was the best, no matter what.  What a sweetheart she was, although delusional on this point.

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