Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hexagon Stars, Etc. Update

Displayed on my design board are what I have hand-pieced so far of the stamped hexagon stars so far.

Hex Stars 7

I’m also making progress with my Crib Toile Challenge Quilt.

blocks far

I’m currently sewing on my toile/black squares in a square having  finishing all the red/toile squares in a square. 

To make matters more crazy, I need to make my Mom’s birthday present (due the 25th of this month ~ oh my).  It’s an autumn braid table runner.  Relatively simple, the strips are cut, I just need to get sewing.  That means everything else is pushed aside until I get the gift finished because it’s the only one with a pressing deadline.  I’ll post pictures later. 

Our Stitchin’ Friends Bee is this Friday, weather permitting, so I’ll probably take a few hexagon stars for hand-piecing while we chat. Sleet, snow and ice may not affect you people from the colder states, but in North Texas, we don’t know how to drive in the stuff and it causes major problems on the streets and freeways.  Keep your fingers crosses that it will be cleared out on Friday.

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