Friday, February 12, 2010


An all-time record for the Dallas-Fort Worth area of almost 10” of snow fell on Thursday-Friday.

Bird Feeder w bushes                         Birdfeeder and Shrubs in Backyard

table w bushes                  Table, Flower Pot and Shrubs Covered in Snow

Beautiful but a big headache.  Lost some tree limbs but fortunately did not lose power.  The lights flickered several times during the night giving us a scare.  We thought sure we would be sitting in the dark for a couple of days.  The satellite television went out from 1 p.m. to sometime this morning due to the snow, so we had to drag out the little regular antenna television to watch network programming on a very small screen.

Keep your fingers crossed that all continues to work fine from here on.

Got Mom’s table runner pieced and ready to sandwich together for quilting on my sewing machine.  It’s going fast, especially being house-bound.

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  1. In Sicily too is very cold, Donna, it's snowing, even if not on the sea side. The towns are surrounded by white mountains and the temperature is at 4 degree Celtius. Take care and keep on quilting, Clara.


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