Friday, February 5, 2010

Experimenting With Hand Piecing

This Hexagon Star is calling my name AGAIN ~ I have quilting schizophrenia. The quilters’ voices in my head keep my “rabbit” brain going from one project or idea to the next. (You know, hopping around.)

Hex Star Q

I started this project a few years ago, using English Paper Piecing. After I made these three stars by that method, I decided that idea was for the birds. Whipping the diamond pieces together just didn’t move as quickly as I wanted. It was awkward and tedious.

Eng Paper Pc

Then I tried the template method, tracing the parts and cutting them out, then draw the 1/4” seam lines on each piece. This went together okay, but still not to my satisfaction. To much drawing.

Stamped Hex Star

Some time ago, a friend of mine recommended stamping the back of the fabric and stitching the shapes together so I purchased a Lemoyne Star stamp kit and gave it a try.


Now this I liked. With practice I got better and better.

Stamped Pcg

English Paper Piecing and Templates are out. Stamping and stitching are in!

While in Jefferson, I bought this Hexagon Star stamp, gave it a try and love it.

Stamp Supplies

Here are the stamping supplies except for the fabric you choose.

Hex Star Stamped

This is the final result after hand stitching, carefully following the lines and matching the points. It takes me about an hour to do each block from stamping, cutting, then stitching. I didn’t time the English Paper Piecing method but it just seemed it took longer. Anyway, with practice, the stamped method should move a little quicker.

These hand piecing types of projects are great to take on trips or to my Stitchin’ Friends Bee. It’s portable! But I'll never give up my sewing machine!

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  1. Looks nice. Did you use the diamond from the Lemoyne star stamps to make the hexagon star? Looks nice. And they would be easy hand work to take with you. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished quilt. Bonnie


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