Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jefferson Quilt Show, La partie Trois

Here are the final photos I took at the Jefferson Quilt Show.  I forgot to get the information as to who made them or their titles for these first two.

Red Grn Applq

                                          Red & Green Appliqué


Basket Embroidery

More embroidery – the black basket.  Loved the clamshell-looking  fabric surrounding the basket.

The next two pictures are of a vintage quilt found in the antique shop called Granny Had It.  It’s a variation of the wagon wheel block.  I was tempted to buy it until we discovered the large stain near the middle of the quilt.  That was the deal breaker, but I sure did love the design and colors.




It was a wonderful weekend.  We walked all over town to the exhibit hall, restaurants, and antique shops.  Jefferson is my kind of town.

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  1. I just love the first quilt
    wow...thanks for sharing the picture
    was sorry when I clicked on it , the picture didn't get larger to be able to see the quilting as well as fabrics used in this quilt its a beauty!
    What a wonderful show this must have been just by looking at your pictures


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