Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Favorite Holiday

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Not Christmas, not New Years, not Thanksgiving. It’s Halloween. This must be because of my childhood experiences. Carnivals at school on Halloween night, trick or treaters at my grandparents’ house. Dressing up as a gypsy or cowgirl or whatever we could put together out of our closets because we didn’t buy costumes. It was just plain fun.

My parents carried on a slightly different tradition since my nieces were little. We always had a wienie roast at their house before the trick or treat kids hit the streets. At no other time does a hot dog taste so good. Although Dad is gone now, we continue this tradition with my grand nieces and nephew at Mom’s house.

Trinity Cinderella Trinity with her dog

angel Angel the Vampire Princess


Hunter good

Hunter who is too cool to dress up

Pupzilla Summer with Pup-zilla Yorkie

We sure miss Paw-Paw at these family events but he is always with us in spirit.

butterflies 2005 007

Dad with Mom, Sis, and Hunter

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