Friday, November 13, 2009

Lack of Organization

The January issue of Quilter’s Home magazine has an interesting  article entitled Quilters’ bad habits (& how to break them).   Boy did I see myself in several of the bad habits described.  The worst is messiness.  First of all, I have too much fabric that won’t fit in a too small storage closet.  Therefore, they get piled into various stacks on the floor, in boxes, on top of my wing-backed chair, etc. 

Cutting Table                                                     My Cutting Table

under cutting table                                           Under the Cutting Table

Chair in Sewing Room                                            The Wing-Backed Chair

Sewing Table                                               The Sewing Table

To make matters worse, scrap quilts are my favorite and require pulling a lot of different fabrics to audition.  Those get scattered everywhere in my house, from the sewing room to my den.  When final choices are made, the fabrics and pattern are placed in a large Ziploc bag or clear storage box until I can start cutting.  However, there are no more places to put the bags or boxes because there are too many planned projects and projects in the making.

This dilemma brought about one bad habit reformation.  Buying fabric on a regular basis.  Unless I need it for a specific project, it’s staying at the quilt shop.  Sorry shop owners.  I just have nowhere to put it!

You can see I left enough room around my sewing machine to allow sewing, unless it’s assembling a whole top or machine quilting.  Then I have to move those piles to the floor (yet another place to watch my step) until I’m finished, then back it goes.

My saving grace is that all my thousands of fat quarters are neatly stored by color in a early 1900’s Ladies Home Journal Pattern  cabinet.

LHJ Full Close


At least I’m not completely hopeless.

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