Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Ironing the Pieces is Done and a Pin Cushion, Too


Mission Church ironed

Now it’s time to stabilize and sew around the pieces.  I had to buy some stabilizer today because my usual source has dried up – my husband used to bring me sketch paper from work that was no longer used because their drafting is all computerized now. 

You can’t see the crosses on the dark background in this photo but there are three of them.

The colder, wetter days the last few weeks are conducive to staying in and sewing or doing some other craft.  Several days ago I made this cute pin cushion.  I purchased a sugar bowl over a year ago at an antique mall really cheaply because the lid was missing.  This is the finished result:


20091009_0022                                                      Side View


20091009_0023                                                        Top View

I filled the inside of the bowl with plastic pot scrubbers


stacked pot scrubbers

Cut a little batting,  fabric, and poly fibers, stuffed them into the sugar bowl, then gathered and hot glued the lace around the top edge.  Voila! 

Ranger helped me look for lace in the big plastic box.


Cat in Lace Box

What would I do without him?

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