Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Roses (Can you tell I love them? Especially Pink Ones!)

The abundant rain and cooler weather have spurred  my repeating bloomer roses to really go to town!  I have three different bushes along my back fence, all pink in color.  It is a beautiful sight now. 

20091008_0015                                                Caldwell Pink


multiple blooms                                             Caldwell Pink Climber

These Caldwell Pinks are tough ones.  I do very little in way of maintenance, including watering or disease control, and they have been wonderful bloomers for me for over ten years.


20091008_0019                                             Clotilde Soupert

These Clotilde Soupert roses are really the prettiest I’ve seen them in quite a while.  Milder weather and abundant rainfall have allowed them to put on a show.


20091008_0011                                                    Mutabilis

The Mutabilis  blooms have the distinction of changing colors through their bloom cycles, they open sulfur yellow, change through to an apricot color to rich pink, then finally a dark red/pink.  The first of this variety I discovered grows in Fredericksberg, TX in their community square/park on a tall pole.  Spectacular!  This bush is in the pink stage now but should grow darker in shade within days.

Heritage (or antique) roses are more tolerant than the newer hybrids of today which is why they are for me.    No fussy plants need to be in my garden.  They gotta be tough, but beautiful.

In my next blog, I’ll update you on my latest small quilt project.  Stay tuned.

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