Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Wall Quilt Finished

At our Second Friday Stitchin’  Friends Bee last week, I finished hand stitching the binding on “Prairie Basket” below.

20091010_0028  Prairie Basket, a variation of a Jo’s Little Women’s Club pattern

I somehow managed to cut the borders off in taking the photo, but you get the idea.  The story behind this project is a sorted one. 

I started this little quilt back in maybe 2003 or 2004, before I became very consistent with my 1/4” seams.  Plus I didn’t square up my blocks before I joined them together.  Needless to say, it went together all “wonky”.  The machine appliqué center was the easiest part believe it or not.  I was so disgusted with the 16 patch blocks around the appliqué, I just threw the quilt aside. 

Fast forward to 2009, I came across this project and decided it needed to be fixed as best as I could and put back together, so I “unsewed” (meaning ripped out) each 16 patch block (not the individual little pieces, just the blocks) and squared them up as best I could.  They went together better, still not as straight as I would like but passable.   

I put on the outer border then decided I wanted to use the alphabet feature on my sewing machine and put the name of the quilt below the basket.   After machine quilting the whole thing I noticed something I should have noticed earlier.  I misspelled “Prairie” leaving out the first “i”.   What to do, what to do?  Let me tell you, ripping out those little letters was tough, real tough, so I pondered how much more ripping out I was willing to do and decided to sew a patch over the wrongly spelled phrase with the correct spelling.  Voila!  Problem solved.

It is not my best work, but I still love it because it presented me with many challenges that taught good sewing lessons.


We had a wonderful Bee on Friday.  Since we keep having members moving away, we’ve opened up the Bee to the Trinity Valley Quilt Guild members.  Two new ladies visited.  Hope they come back next time.  It’s fun to meet new people (and old friends) to talk about quilting, kids, pets, travel, friends, you name it, we talk about it.

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  1. Love your quilt...looks like it was a fun one to do...I need to get back to many of my UFO's! Also great pics of your roses!


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