Monday, August 3, 2009

Remembering Adelia and Jo's Little Women's Clubs

Just finished reading this book, Remembering Adelia: Quilts Inspired by Her Diary, and recommend it highly. If you like Civil War era history and antique quilts, this book is for you. Additionally, the book contains fourteen (14) projects inspired by Adelia's diary entries and period-photographs. Kathleen Tracy, the author, has written other quilt books including, American Doll Quilts and Prairie Children And Their Quilts: 14 Little Projects That Honor the Pioneer Spirit.

I love making small quilts in between making bed quilts because it's so nice to get a quilt project finished quickly every once in a while.

In addition to Ms. Tracy's quilts, I love Jo Morton. Here is a picture of one of my first Jo Morton quilts - one of several.

I have been in a Jo's Little Women's Club group since 2006, first at Country Stitches Quilt Shop then at Cabbage Rose Quilt Shop the last couple of years. I've met some wonderful quilting ladies and we always have lots of fun!

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