Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kitty and Lace

Once again, Ranger found a way to help me. After looking for lace in this plastic storage box I turned around from my ironing board and there he was in the box. He was nowhere in my sewing room when I pulled out and dug through this box, but in seconds, just like magic he appeared cuddled up among all the ribbons, hankies, lace, and miscellany just like he had been there sleeping for hours.

My architectural draftsman husband serves as an invaluable advisor on my quilt projects. His keen eye for detail can immediately catch an error I never saw on a project I have been working on for hours or weeks. He is also helping me with my border on the Acoma quilt, especially after my little faux paux (not sure where this is the correct spelling - spellcheck doesn't have French words on it I guess) on the first border cut. Now he thinks I need a block in each corner of the border to keep the border striping from crossing each other on the corners. I'm making a test block now to put on the design wall with the top border strip to see if that's going to work for me. I'll keep you posted.

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